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How do trucking accidents happen?

Trucking accidents can be caused by speeding, an improperly secured load shifting, inadequate training, defective brakes, unsafe lane changes, and various other reasons. Almost every single one of these reasons can be prevented. Loads need to be bolted or secured with straps, truckers need to drive at a reasonable speed and under the legal limit, and be conscious of other drivers at all times.

Sometimes drivers can get distracted from the road by their cell phone or other devices. Drivers may get sleepy due to exceeding their maximum of 11 full driving hours, or not taking their mandatory 10 hours of "off duty" time. Sometimes truck drivers do not yield the proper right of way to other traffic when maneuvering their large vehicle. If a truck driver does not use or have any mirrors, and does not constantly check blind spots he may inadvertently endanger a nearby motorist.

When a truck driver is under the influence of alcohol, his abilities are seriously impaired; not to mention that driving while under the influence or with open alcoholic beverages in the vehicle is illegal. The consequences of driving under the influence of drugs that should not be taken before driving are very severe as well.

At The Dwyer Law Firm we take truck driving cases very seriously. We will litigate your case to the best of our ability. The Dwyer Law firm has years of experience in handling truck driving cases, so we know what is on the line for victims of truck driving accidents. If you are victim of a truck driving accident, contact the attorneys at The Dwyer Law Firm as soon as possible for a free consultation.