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Injured Truck Driver Lawsuit

Truck drivers can get injured in accidents. Some trucks can be extremely top heavy due to improper loading. If an employer has had your truck improperly loaded and it caused an accident, the company or person who hired you may be liable. Poorly maintained trucks and trailers may also cause accidents. The use of old or outdated equipment may rob a trucker of much needed modern safety equipment.

If a truck is improperly loaded, the load may shift and cause the truck to turn over. 18-wheeler turnovers are extremely dangerous and can be fatal. A trailer’s brakes can get stuck or be so worn that they fail to save a truck from a collision.

Truck driving accidents can cause the driver to suffer from whiplash, muscle pulls, head injuries, brain injuries, and in some cases even death.

Sometimes other motorists may cause a driver to have an accident by sudden lane changes, unnecessary sudden stops, road rage, or being distracted. If you have been the victim of a trucking accident, contact the Dwyer Law Firm today.

At The Dwyer Law Firm we take injured truck driver cases very seriously. We will litigate your case to the best of our ability. The Dwyer Law Firm has years of experience with these cases, so we know what is on the line for victims of truck driving accidents. If you are victim of a truck driving accident, contact the attorneys at The Dwyer Law Firm as soon as possible for a free consultation.