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Houston truck accident law firm

Trucks are heavy, tall vehicles that require significant attention. The Dwyer Law Firm in Houston has seen many truck related cases before. It is no secret that there are hundreds of thousands of 18-wheeler crashes each year. These crashes often result in significant injuries and sometimes fatalities.

There are different parties who can be responsible for a truck accident. Through different forms of investigation, the liable party can be exposed. Written or electronic logging data, police reports, and crash forensics may be used to determine the root cause of a wreck.

Sometimes the driver is at fault. People get distracted and truck drivers can be careless. Speeding, driving while sleepy, dangerous maneuvers, and driving under the influence of alcohol can all cause accidents.

The employer of the driver may be at fault by forcing the driver to illegally drive for more than 11 hours at a time, not fixing equipment, improperly maintaining the truck, and lack of supervision.

The truck itself can malfunction. Trucks can have problems, throttles can stick, brakes can jam, air hoses can pop off, and tires can shred apart. When these things happen however the manufacturer of these products may be at fault for the accident. The Attorneys at The Dwyer Law Firm in Houston can help you by checking the validity of your claim with a free consultation.

What caused my truck accident?

There are many possible causes and narrowing down the possibilities helps us validate your claim. At The Dwyer Law Firm we are very thorough in our consideration of possibilities and expertly narrow the investigation scope to the key causes.

Employer negligence

If an Employer is "cheaping out". The company might be shaving money for maintenance or safety implements. When safety and/or maintenance is ignored catastrophic injuries can result. ( more on trucking employer negligence )

Injured Motorist

If you are victim of a 18-wheeler truck crash you most likely have more than one serious sustained injury like spinal cord injury, paralysis, and brain injury. These type injuries are notoriously slow to heal and can cause you to be unable to work. You may be entitled to compensation for your claim so please contact The Dwyer Law Firm immediately. ( more on injured motorist's rights )

Injured truck drivers

Loss of limbs, serious burns, Broken bones, and other terrible things can happen when equipment malfunctions or an employer makes a mistake causing you an accident. ( more on injured truck driver's rights )

Jackknifing Accidents

When an inexperienced truck driver slams on the brakes it can whip the trailer around the front of the cab like a folding jackknife. When this happens anything in its path is usually severely damaged or crushed. ( more on trucking jackknife accidents )

Truck Accident investigation

This helps determine the cause of your accident and who if anyone is liable. The accident investigation may also be helpful for you with your insurance; such as proof you were not on the phone, texting, under the influence of alcohol, or distracted. ( more on trucking accident investigation)

Truck insurance

Trucks have to be insured just as passenger cars do, as per state and federal laws. When they are uninsured and found to be driving there are serious consequences. ( more on trucking insurance )

Trucking regulations

Regulations regarding safety and protocol must always be followed. if any regulation or protocol is violated it could put a motorist or the driver at risk in the vehicle. ( more on trucking industry regulation )

Under-ride Accidents

If i truck makes an unannounced stop or is illegally blocking a road and our low positioned passenger car collides with the truck, your car may slide underneath. This can easily be fatal. If you or a loved one is a victim of this situation contact The Dwyer Law Firm immediately. ( more on trucking under-ride accidents )

At The Dwyer Law Firm we take truck driving cases very seriously. We will litigate your case to the best of our ability. The Dwyer Law Firm has years of experience and has worked on similar cases, so we know what is on the line for victims of truck driving accidents. If you are a victim of a truck driving accident, contact the attorneys at The Dwyer Law Firm as soon as possible for a free consultation.