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Houston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

We live in a modern age where motor transportation is common and is often required. Motor Vehicles today are considered to be safer and more easily handled when compared to the older models. However motor vehicles are still very dangerous and present various major risks. Victims of Motor Vehicle related accidents should refer to the personal injury attorneys at the Dwyer Law Firm in Houston immediately. We are ready and equipped to handle any case regarding automotive, semi-truck, motorcycle, passenger boat, Recreational vehicle, and many other motor vehicle injuries or fatalities, and have your best interest at heart.

Commercial vehicle/Truck Accidents:

There is an almost entirely different set of mechanics in a commercial truck/vehicle accident when compared to a normal automotive accident. First of all there are many types of heavy commercial vehicles with massive blind spots, special licenses, unique requirements, and special hazards. When operators make careless mistakes, the results can be devastating and fatal. If equipment is too old, malfunctions, or safety protocols for maintenance aren't followed, the results can be fatal. If you or a loved one are victim to a commercial vehicle accident please contact The Dwyer Law Firm immediately.

Passenger Car/truck Accidents:

This is perhaps the most common type of motor vehicle accident. There are possibly millions of passenger car accidents in texas each year, and thousands just in Houston alone. Though common they are still extremely serious and can too often lead to fatalities. Please contact The Dwyer Law Firm in Houston as soon as possible for a free evaluation.

Motorcycle Accidents:

Motor bike accidents are one of the most frequent motor vehicle accidents of all. Motorcycle drivers are often driving to fast, exceeding posted speed limits, and doing stunts and/or driving generally unsafe. Some motor bikes are not properly maintained, have illegal modifications, or lack insurance and proper registration by the owner. However as a motorcycle operator, the same could be said for accidents involving automotive motorist. Car drivers often fail to yield the proper respect to motorcyclist they need to operate safely. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motor bike accident, contact The Dwyer law Firm in Houston for a free evaluation.

Motor water craft Accidents:

Boat accidents are often very serious, though not common. Commercial ships are required to follow strict safety protocols and adhere to high standards. When the ships fail to meet said requirements or neglect to properly inform passengers of procedures, they can be liable for any injuries or fatalities cause by their negligence. With passenger boats, there are not as many restrictions, however reckless driving and improper usage of motorized water craft can lead to serious injuries or death to those affected. Boats do not handle as easily and those who are not properly trained often pilot them. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motor water craft accident, please call the personal injury attorneys at The Dwyer Law Firm in Houston immediately for a free consultation.

All terrain Vehicle Accidents:

All terrain vehicles are tricky. If any failure in operation of these vehicle occurs often innocent bystanders or other Recreational motor vehicle operators can get seriously hurt. Contact with The Dwyer Law Firm and its experienced attorneys is recommended immediately.

If you or anyone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in or around the Houston area, please call Dwyer Law Firm immediately for a free consultation. The attorneys at The Dwyer Law firm have years of experience, and are ready to give honest legal assistance. We will represent you in a court of law to the fullest of our ability. The attorneys at the Dwyer Law Firm strive for nothing short of success in our pursuit of legal action.