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Houston Truck Accident Attorney

There is an almost entirely different set of mechanics in a commercial truck/vehicle accident as compared to a normal automotive accident. First of all, there are many types of heavy commercial vehicles with massive blind spots, special licenses, unique requirements, and special hazards. When operators make careless mistakes, the results can be devastating and fatal. If equipment is too old, malfunctions, or safety protocols for maintenance aren't followed, the results can be fatal.

Eighteen wheeler trucks, also known as tractor and trailer setups, are large and difficult in every general aspect. The rear blind spots are huge and sometime rear visibility is nonexistent. Therefore, extra caution must be taken when reversing a large vehicle. Low profile cars often go unseen by the truck operators due to the height of the vehicle. Trucks that don't meet safety requirements or have improperly handled toxic materials on board are a huge risk. Large trucks can have blowouts from the prolonged use of old tires and may fling deadly steel braided shrapnel at nearby vehicles, or leave it on the highway for another motorist the drive over. If you are a victim of any of the above examples of injury, contact with an attorney at The Dwyer Law Firm is highly recommended.

Construction vehicles sometimes have to share the road with cars, and there are special procedures for bringing a construction purposed vehicle onto a public road. When situations like these are improperly handled, terrible things can happen.

The Dwyer Law Firm is here to make sure you get your proper representation. If you or a loved one has been involved in a commercial vehicle accident, call The Dwyer Law Firm in Houston immediately. The attention and consideration you will receive is all aimed toward pursuing litigation on your behalf and ensuring your best interests are well kept. The Dwyer Law Firm has years of experience with many cases, and we aim for nothing short of success.