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Houston car Accident Lawyer

Passenger automobile accidents are one of the most common accidents of all. Driving a motor vehicle on public roads requires patience, proper instruction, a clear mind, and a safe and well maintained car. Car collisions happen all too often despite safer cars and stricter regulations. If you have been in an accident involving a passenger car, contact The Dwyer Law Firm immediately.

Car crashes in Houston are caused by many things. Almost all the causes are preventable and usually someone has been negligent in the event of an accident. Some common causes are addressed below.

Road rage happens. Driving on Houston roads requires patience, and when that patience is exceeded emotions can take over. When a driver starts to drive aggressively by speeding, rapidly changing lanes, and making unsafe maneuvers, bad things can happen. Immediate contact with the attorneys at The Dwyer Law Firm is recommended.

When driving under the influence, a driver becomes a rolling disaster. When the decision to drive drunk is made, the driver’s ability to make responsible decisions is destroyed.

Road maintenance is important. When the state fails to do its part in keeping the road safe, serious problems can arise. Streets need to be swept, potholes need to be filled, cracks need to be fixed, roads need to be resurfaced, and signs have to be current. If one of these things is not done, a fatal accident can occur.

Driving while distracted is extremely common and terribly dangerous. Talking on the phone and texting while driving is a huge issue in Houston. Also, when a driver is using a radio, looking for something in the back seat, or just unaware of his surroundings, he is impairing his driving ability. In addition, some drivers may not have sufficient rest before getting behind the wheel, or suffer from "road hypnosis".

Defective vehicles are made every year. Sometimes a manufacture makes a car using a bad design that can be hazardous to the operator, passengers, and other people on or near the road. Steering can lock, brakes can give way, and accelerators can stick.

The Dwyer Law Firm is ready and able to handle your passenger car accident. We settle for nothing less than excellence, and are committed to representing your best interests. If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in or around the Houston area, please call The Dwyer Law Firm immediately for a free consultation. The attorneys at The Dwyer Law Firm have years of experience, and are ready to give honest legal assistance. We will represent you in a court of law to the fullest of our ability. The attorneys at The Dwyer Law Firm strive for nothing short of success in our pursuit of legal action.