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A high number of offshore injuries occur onboard vessels that service the offshore facilities in the Gulf Coast area. These vessels could be associated with boats that supply the many production platforms to vessels that are used to maintain the offshore structures themselves. The maritime workers who operate and crew these boats are subject to accidents that can negate their ability to continue to earn a living in their chosen profession. The legal team of maritime lawyers at The Dwyer Law Firm can assist the injured worker in claiming the rightfully due compensation available under Maritime law.

Seamen are workers who perform services associated with the operation of the offshore vessel. These individuals range from the cooks aboard the boats to the captains. The jobs that they perform and the work environment that they are associated with contain many potential hazards because of the nature of the offshore work. It is important for individuals who work in this environment to realize that there are laws created to protect them in case of injury.


Our firm in conjunction with our offshore injury legal team can ensure that you are provided with the necessary legal guidance to make certain that you recover both physically and financially from your accident. Our team will ensure that the injured party is given a comprehensive understanding of the costs and personal sacrifices that it will take to recover from serious offshore injuries.

The Dwyer Law Firm understands the need that each injury claim be pursued with the understanding of how it will affect the lives of not only the injured party but also the injured party’s family. When you choose our team of legal experts on maritime law, we can guarantee that you receive the most truthful answers to your questions along with our outstanding legal support for your claim.