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Houston Eye Injury Attorney

Eye injuries are extremely inconvenient and painful. We use our eyesight constantly. If our ability to see is taken away life becomes many times more difficult. If you or a loved one has suffered an eye injury in the workplace then you are probably unable to work and function normally. Contact the Dwyer Law Firm immediately.

People who work around chemicals, batteries, or other irritants may suffer burns to the eyes due to splattering, splashing or rubbing the eyes when chemicals are on their hands. Extended exposure to ultraviolet light can cause ultraviolet keratitis. Welders are commonly exposed to this injury.

Lacerations to the eyes are a common injury for individuals who work around certain tools, or other sharp objects; moreover, people working at heights are prone to fall accidents with damages to the facial area. Additionally, those who work in an area with dust, sand, dirt, or grit can suffer corneal abrasion, which causes the eyelid (when closing) to scrape the abrasive material across the cornea.

Eye abrasion injuries are particularly common in jobs that require sawing, sanding, cutting, grinding, shredding, or the handling of broken down material.

The Attorneys The Dwyer Law Firm in Houston are capable eye injury lawyers. We have years of experience and are dedicated to the successful litigation of your claim. If you or a loved has suffered an eye injury in the workplace, contact an eye injury attorney at the Dwyer Law Firm as soon as possible for your free legal consultation.