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In short, when someone or a company does not act as an ordinary person or ordinary company in the same or similar circumstances as the defendant, then they have breached the standard of care.


According to reports from the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) and the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), there were 311 fatalities from bus accidents and over 17,000 personal injuries from bus accidents in the United States in 2008. In 2009, there were over 13,000 bus accidents in the United States causing over 220 bus accident deaths. It is estimated that there were over 15,300 bus accident injuries in the United States in 2009.


If you were involved in a bus rollover accident and suffered severe injuries or a bus rollover accident caused the wrongful death of a loved one, then you may have a product liability claim against the bus manufacturer or tire manufacture. Under this scenario, upon impact, or, during a rollover accident, a passenger may move excessively within the bus cabin, or, worse, be ejected from the bus and suffer severe injuries, paralysis, or death.


The answer is simple: the manufacturers of the buses decided not to include seat belts when they made the buses. Whether they made this decision because it was cheaper or for some other reason, the bottom line is that most buses don’t offer passengers the security of a seat belt.

To prevail in a product liability case like this, passengers must prove that they were injured or paralyzed because they were not able to secure themselves with a seat belt. Further, passengers must show that had they been provided with a seat belt, they would have used the seat belt and would have remained secure in their seat. Lastly, passengers must prove that had they worn the seat belt, they would not have suffered the same degree of injuries. In a situation like this, passengers would bring a product liability claim against the bus manufacturer for failing to provide a seat belt.


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